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Best Activities in Alpe d'Huez

Discover the top Alpe d'Huez activities


    About Summer Activities in Alpe d'Huez

    About Summer Activities in Alpe d'Huez

    With the Ecrins National Park on its doorstep, Alpe d’Huez is a paradise for summer visitors. Activities include hiking, climbing, horse riding & more. Road bikers can test their thighs on the legendary 21 bends, whilst MTB enthusiasts will love the miles of cross country & downhill routes. If this sounds too energetic then exploring the village of Huez & the hamlets of the Oisans will leave you enchanted by summer in the Southern Alps.


    Alpe d'Huez

    Practice your Robin of Sherwood skills in a tranquil Alpine setting. Beginners can learn 'tir l'arc' from scratch and those with more experience can put their skills to the test with a variety of courses. There is a practice range up by the summer luge where you can hire the equipment and take the advice of an instructor and another one as in the nearby Vaujany Tennis Club. The Palais des Sports has indoor archery and compressed air shooting facilities. Children over 8 years old can try archery while compressed air shooting is available for those over 10 years old.


    There are a number of badminton courts at the Palais des Sports. The courts are open throughout the summertime. Booking ahead is recommended at any time of year.

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    Alpe d'Huez

    You can play basketball indoors and on two outdoor courts in Alpe d'Huez, at the Palais des Sports. In summer the courts are open every day from early July to the end of August. Booking ahead is recommended at any time of year. 

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    Beach Activities

    Alpe d'Huez

    Beach volleyball or beach football in the heart of the French Alps may sound strange but in Alpe d'Huez you can hop on the sand and play a game of volleyball with your friends or family. The beach volleyball/football courts can be used free of charge, and there are even beach tournaments arranged on a weekly basis. They are open every day in July and August.

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    Canoeing / Kayaking

    Canoe rafts are an unsinkable, stable type of inflatable canoe that allows you, without too much technique to profit fully from the joys and fun of whitewater river descent. The descents are taken on by groups of 4 to 5 boats, accompanied by a fully qualified guide. You are equipped with neoprene suits and shoes, a safety jacket and a helmet. The course which you take is chosen according to the water levels and experience of the participants.

    Kayaking is a fun watersport that can be enjoyed as a team or on your own. Unlike canoeing, paddlers face forward and have a double bladed paddle. It is a versatile sport that you can enjoy on rivers, lakes and the sea. You can take your inflatable or plastic kayak and make your way down the water. Using the double-bladed paddle you can control the speed, direction and enjoy the experience and wonderful views in your own time. There are some watersports centres and adventure companies who can take you out for your kayaking experience. 

    In the Ecrins National Park, there are several rivers you can descend on a kayak or canoe, including the Vénéon, the Rive, the Eau d'Olle or the Romanche, offering different levels for diverse experiences.

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    A not-so-gentle but extremely refreshing summer activity is one way to describe canyoning! Plunge yourself into the mountain streams via a series of abseil descents, jumps and natural water slides, just make sure you choose a warm day! You will make your way along rivers and rapids, using the riverbed as a natural obstacle course. Not suitable for very young children, but anyone over the age of about 8 can take the (very cold) plunge and try canyoning.

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    Catch the latest films and releases in Alpe d'Huez on your summer holiday. There are two cinemas in Alpe d'Huez, Le Palais and Le Signal-Mégarama open in July and August. Films are on in the evening, at around 18:00 and 20:30 with screenings at 14:30 when there is bad weather. Look out for VOST for English speaking films. 

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    The roads around Alpe d'Huez are the setting for some of the most famous gruelling sections of the Tour de France with its 21 bends but they can be tackled by enthusiasts as well as professionals. To gain the most from your riding in the area it goes without saying you need to have a reasonable level of fitness. Other than the celebrated 21 bends, there are other cycling routes in the area, most of them starting in Bourg d'Oisans.

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    Alpe d'Huez

    There are a number of beautiful mountain lakes, rivers and streams where fishing is permitted in Alpe d'Huez. The lakes are Lac Besson, Lac des Bergers, Lac Blanc, Lac Noir, Lac de la Faucille and Lac de Milieu. You can also fish the waterways of the Sarenne, the Rif Nel and the Rif Brillant. You can expect to find rainbow trout ("truite arc en ciel"), brown trout ("truite fario"), brook trout ("saumon des fontaines") and Arctic char ("omble chevalier"), amongst others.

    Lac de Bergers is a designated children's fishing area. Each August a competition is held here for all keen anglers up to the age of 13. Situated in resort, just in front of Les Bergers shopping mall, it is easily accessible and a popular summer relaxation spot.

    An Alpe d'Huez 'Société de Pêche' (fishing club) license is required for all sites and can be purchased from the Tourist Office for a day, a week, a month or a season. An AAPPMA fishing licence is also necessary for some sites, enquire locally for details. There are also varying regulations governing the number of fish you can catch, the size of the fish and hours of fishing permitted.


    Alpe d'Huez

    There is a multisports court at the Sports Centre where you can play indoor football. Alternatively, you can try "Jorkyball"! Derived from football and inspired by squash, two teams play against each other to score a goal without using the arms... but you can use the court's walls.


    Alpe d'Huez

    There are over 2.5 million people doing geocaching around the world and some of them (perhaps surprisingly) are right here in Alpe d'Huez!. It’s a relatively new craze that started taking the world by storm in May 2000 after a computer geek decided that GPS could be “really exciting”. He hid some treasure at his home in Portland, America, for people to find, broadcast the GPS coordinates and said, “Come and get it”. His only rule: “Take some stuff, leave some stuff”. And that’s exactly what Geocaching is…you go in search of treasure by using the GPS system on your mobile device – once you’ve found it, you write your name in a logbook and replace the treasure you decide to take. It’s pretty simple really and means, as a family, you can be adventurers together. You won’t usually find anything quite as precious as gold, silver and diamonds but nevertheless it’s quite exciting!

    Glacier walking

    For a truly unique experience, clamp on your crampons and go hiking on Les Deux Alpes' Glacier 3200 or on one of the many glaciers in the Ecrins National Park. The breathtaking views and spectacular crevasses make this an incredible adventure and if you are quiet you can sometimes even hear the creaking noise of shifting ice! There are a number of glacial hikes, of varying difficulty, in this region of the Alps.

    We strongly advise hiring a qualified guide for any activities on a glacier; most mountain guiding companies and some of the adventure companies will run organised excursions to the most accessible.

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    The golf course at Alpe d'Huez is open every day from 09:00 to 19:00 throughout the summer. The 9-hole golf course is accompanied by a large driving range, pro-shop and a clubhouse serving snacks and drinks.

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    Gym / Fitness centres

    The Palais des Sports has a complete gym as well as a wide range of fitness lessons to try and keep fit while on vacation.

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    Helicopter tours

    Daily panoramic helicopter flights are available (weather permitting) with a number of local flight companies. Relax and enjoy the stunning views as you fly over the snow-capped mountain tops, glaciers and Alpine forests of the Alps. From Alpe d'Huez, helicopters can take you over the Oisans region, seeing not only the resort but also Auris, Oz, Villard Reculas and the Grandes Rousses among many other places.

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    Alpe d'Huez

    As well as being home to the world-renowned Poutran International Equestrian Training Centre, Alpe d'Huez is a great place to ride just for fun. The scenery is stunning and you can cover much more terrain on horseback than on your own two feet! The Centre Equestre on Route du Col de Poutran offers a variety of lessons and weekly courses as well as horse and pony rides. Holders of a Visalp Pass can claim 10% off all hacks. There is also the Les Nouvelles Ecuries des Centaure in nearby Reaumont.

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    Hydro speeding is one of the newer 'extreme' water sports to hit the market, it's a fun and exhilarating way to get yourselves down a river!. Using a large float, which bears resemblance to a bodyboard, be ready to cling on for dear life as you send yourself hurtling down the rapids! This activity is a little more demanding physically than rafting or canoe rafting but allows you to discover the unique sensation of surfing down whitewater rivers. It is also accessible to all, no need to be a professional diver or swimmer, you just have to be smart at using the water movements, obstacles and waves. In Alpe d'Huez, you can descend the Veneon river near Venosc on a board wearing a thick neoprene and fins.

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    Ice-skating / Hockey

    Get your skates on and enjoy the ice skating rink in Alpe d'Huez open every day in July and August, the perfect activity for the whole family. Figure skating lessons are also available.

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    Indoor climbing

    If you don't fancy climbing outdoors, or you're new to climbing and want to give it a go in an indoor centre, then Alpe d'Huez has an indoor climbing wall at the Palais des Sports. Climbing equipment is normally provided, or you can bring your own and insurance is normally needed before you hit the climbing wall. There are 21 routes to choose from starting from 4a up to 7a on a 12-metre high wall as well as a bouldering room. Book in and pay at the main desk of the sports centre

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    Light Aircraft / Microlight Flights

    Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Alps from a light aircraft. If you've ever wondered what it's like to fly a plane, then this could be your chance to try. Alpe d'Huez has its own small airport where you can partake in a number of flying activities including offers flying courses, initiation (first flight) sessions and air excursions. Open all day, every day according to the weather – reservation necessary.

    There is also an array of airborne activities for the more adventurous including microlight, hang gliding and parapenting. Book in for an experience you'll never forget, and see the mountains from a totally different perspective. 

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    Alpe d'Huez

    Enjoy a few hours of fun in the summer months on the miniature golf course in Alpe d'Huez. Great for some gentle exercise on a sunny day, Alpe d'Huez has a mini-golf course open every day from 09:00 in July and August on Chemin de Brandes.


    Alpe d’Huez and the Grandes Rousses are renowned for being an exceptional mountain biking area. Stunning scenery, miles and miles of dedicated MTB routes and summer access to the cable cars make this a fantastic place to put your bike (and you!) through its paces.

    The home of the Megavalanche MTB race, Alpe d’Huez hosts a number of smaller events and competitions throughout the summer season. Have a look at our What’s On Calendar to find out what’s happening when. (NB: In French, mountain biking is called VTT (Vélo Tout-Terrain!).

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    There are a number of companies who can take you mountaineering in both summer and winter, from local guides to ski schools, private instructors and activity companies. You can explore the Oisans summits and the Ecrins National Park, from the iconic Rateau Ouest, Pic de la Grace or Pic Bayle to the challenging Goulotte Fantomas and Goulotte Allera-Pelatan.

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    Museums & Galleries

    Alpe d'Huez and its surrounding area have a range of museums and galleries to visit and learn more about this fascinating region. If you want to know more about Alpine flora, fauna and minerals, you can head to the Fauna Museum in Vaujany, the Bourg d'Oisans Museum, or the Maison du Bouquetin in Allemont.If it's heritage and customs you're after, visit the Notre Dame des Neiges Church, the Grotte de Glace, the Espace Patrimoine or the Brandes Archaeological site, all in Alpe d'Huez.

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    Nature Reserves & Parks

    Alpe d'Huez

    The Ecrins National Park is one of the highlights of the Southern Alps region; a haven for all sorts of wildlife as well as a magnet for outdoor sports enthusiasts, it is well worth a visit at any time of year. The 750,000 people who visit the Ecrins National Park each year are a diverse bunch ranging from serious alpinists, ramblers, hardcore rock climbers, families with children, adrenaline junkies and day trippers hoping to spot a marmot or two!

    Paragliding / Parapenting

    If you’ve never tried paragliding before then Alpe d'Huez is a great place to learn how to fly. Known as “parapenting” in France & Switzerland, there are a great number of clubs and organisations in the area whose sole purpose is to give you the experience of flying. From the heights of the mountain tops, you can glide down to the bottom of the valley on a tandem paraglider controlled by the instructor. He manoeuvres the parachute while the passenger enjoys the ride and fantastic views. Top tip: go on a sunny, warm day when the thermals will keep your airborne for longer. Discover the Alpe d'Huez, including the famous Tour de France bends, the Ecrins National Park, the Grandes Rousses and the whole Oisans massif from the ski. There are several departing points including the top of the Signal, the Marmotte 3 "3060", the Pic Blanc, The Clocher de Macle and other areas in the region.

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    Petanque / Boules

    Alpe d'Huez

    Petanque is a very popular sport in France. In Alpe d'Huez you can play boules all year at the "Boulodrome" in the Palais des Sports. You can also rent equipment here.


    Alpe d'Huez

    Alpe d'Huez is a great place to go rock climbing for beginners and experienced climbers. You will find a multitude of climbing routes in and around the resort to be tackled under your own steam or under the watchful eye of a guide.

    The west-facing cliffs of Lac Besson (2200m) boast 150 climbing routes of level 5-6 split into 7 sectors. The rock faces are mainly fairly steep slabs and walls, ranging from 30 to 120m high. Not for the complete novice, but climbers with some experience will find this area to be a great playground. The routes are all bolted with inox anchor points for optimal safety. 

    The Oisans region boasts great climbing for those who wish to see more of the area. Le Vernis (750m) has 30 routes that are accessible all year round; Venosc (950m) has 51 routes and the climbing season runs from May to October; La Bérarde (1500-2000m) has a whopping 100 routes and is open throughout spring, summer and autumn; La Chalp (1000 m) has 37 routes and is also open throughout spring, summer and autumn.

    The Ecrins National Park offers a range of climbing routes amongst them; the south face of La Barre des Ecrins, a massive 2000m wall with moderate 5c climbing; La Meije, a huge south face with more than 20 pitches of bolted 6b routes; the granite slabs at Ailefroide. Maps and guides for the various routes can be bought from one of the park information centres.

    Climbing is a great activity for all the family, just check with the guide beforehand what their minimum age is.


    Alpe d'Huez

    The Oisans area is a paradise for trail runners offering 470 km of paths on 25 marked trails, ranging from 3 km to 51 km and with an elevation gain from 250 m to 3339 m. There are also 4 bases welcoming trail runners in Les Deux Alpes, Auris-en-Oisans, Vaujany and Villard-Reculas (this town also offers a Trail Station with 5 technical activity areas to prepare your run).


    Alpe d'Huez

    Many people would not automatically think of Alpe d'Huez as a place to shop. However, the town boasts some great stores. As you would expect from an outdoor sports mecca, there are plenty sports stores where you can get your hands on some of the top mountaineering, ski and snowboard brands but there are also some fashionable clothing stores and plenty of shops selling traditional mountain goods.

    Spas & massages

    If it is calm and relaxation you are after then head to a luxury day spa or book in for massage therapies and beauty treatments. Most hotels in Alpe d'Huez have spas that are open to the public while there is a public sauna at the Palais des Sports.

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    You can play squash at the Palais des Sports in July and August, every day of the week. There are four courts to choose from and you should book ahead to avoid disappointment. Pay and book in at the main reception desk. Rackets and sports shoes are available to rent.

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    Summer Camps

    Alpe d'Huez

    There are so many things for kids to do in Alpe d'Huez throughout the summer that sometimes the only way to make the most of it is to enrol them in a summer club! For younger children there is the Mini Cats activity club for 3-6 year olds. Here your children can try their hands at mini-golf, trampoline, rock climbing, hiking, ice skating, circus skills and pony trekking amongst other things. There are also themed workshop weeks on a range of diverse subjects such as circus, pottery, meteorology, animals, orientation, history and more.

    Summer Luge

    Alpe d'Huez

    Sledging or luge takes place on the hillside close to the Eclose chairlift. Take the lift up and sledge down to the bottom. The lift runs from 10:00 to 14:00 and is free for those with an annual or seasonal pass, as well as for anyone with a 3-day summer pass and above.


    Whether you like to take a dip indoors or outdoors, you'll be able to find somewhere to go for a swim in Alpe d'Huez. Most hotels, lots of chalets and apartments have their own swimming facilities. However, there are also municipal swimming baths that you can visit at the Palais des Sports. You can choose from the outdoor pool with a paddling pool and saunas or the indoor pool also with a paddling pool.

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    Alpe d'Huez

    Play a game of tennis with friends and family in Alpe d'Huez, a great all year round activity to enjoy in the Alps. At the Tennis Outdoor de Brandes there are 6 courts open every day in July and August. Booking ahead is recommended, especially if you require lessons and they also rent rackets. The Palais des Sports also offers 2 indoor tennis courts. You'll also find 15 tennis tables in the sports centre. 

    Tree-top / Forest adventures

    Alpe d'Huez

    Alpe d'Huez has a 400m zip wire that's open in winter and summer at the XFly centre. Here you can also do some climbing and jump on a giant airbag, and you don't have to be a child to enjoy it! At the Palais des Sports, there is also an indoor adventure trail hung 8m above the floor open every day in July and August for anyone over 6 years old.

    Via Ferrata

    If climbing up sheer rock on the end of a piece of rope sounds a bit scary then Via Ferrata climbing offers an element of security that still allows beginners to enjoy the achievement of having scaled a mountain! This form of climbing was invented by Italian soldiers in the Dolomites who used it to enable them to scale vertiginous faces easily and quickly. These days it is a popular sport that makes the thrill of mountain climbing more accessible to children, beginners and those who want a bit more security when they climb.

    There are two Via Ferrata routes on the Grandes Rousses Massif, both south facing; an elementary route that can be completed in around 2 hours and a more challenging route that takes about 2.5 hours. The routes can be accessed from Pierre Rond (via the Col de Sarenne) or Huez Village.

    Following marked routes through the mountains, you are helped along by steps, bridges and ladders whilst being roped up for extra safety. Suitable for adults and children over the age of 8, you need to have a harness, helmet, carabiners and ropes/tethers in order to do the activity. The kit can be rented from most sports shops in town or you can also arrange a Via Ferrata guide, who of course, will provide all the necessary equipment for you.

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    Walking & Hiking

    Whether your idea of walking in the mountains is a gentle ramble or a three-day hike, Alpe d'Huez has something for you. The valley has 143 miles of beautiful, marked hiking trails and 12 lakes within walking distance from the main resort. To make the most of the higher trails you can buy a Summer Lift Pass; from this higher elevation, you will be treated to the most spectacular views of the lofty peaks in the Massif des Grandes Rousses and the Ecrins National Park. For the more adventurous, you can take longer hikes into the Ecrins National Park and perhaps stay overnight in a refuge. Check out our walking and hiking guide for more details on hiking in Alpe d'Huez. 

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    If you haven't experienced white water rafting before then this is a definite 'must try' on your list of activities to do! There are a number of trained guides in resort who will let you experience some of the best white water rafting available in the Alps. From the middle of May until September, the Vénéon river flows furiously as they are fed from the meltwaters running off the glaciers high above the town. There are various options available from a three-hour adrenaline rush to a full days excursion - this activity is guaranteed not to disappoint.

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