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Pyramide d'Oz French Cup of Ski Mountaineering 2020, Oz en Oisans

Historical ski mountaineering race

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Created in 1997, the Pyramide d'Oz Ski Mountaineering race takes place on the off-piste and backcountry area of Oz en Oisans.

Oz is part of the history of alpinism in the Oisans area as Abbot Bayle, priest of Oz, was the first to climb the Grandes Rousses massif. As a consequence, Oz became an unavoidable starting point for the ascent of many places such as Pics Bayle, Etendard and Lac Blanc.

A recurrent step on the French championship circuit, this event gathers together some 150 to 200 top athletes and has become a famous rendez-vous of the mountaineering ski scene.

Beginners will also have the opportunity to try and discover ski mountaineering on an adapted route led by instructors. Participation is free and equipment can be rented on site if needed.

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Oz en Oisans