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Snowboards & Equipment for Alpe d'Huez
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About Your Snowboard

Understand the basics of your Snowboard

If you are looking to buy a snowboard in Alpe d'Huez or you are you interested in taking up snowboarding as a sport then understanding how your board is made and works will help you choose the right board for you.

The basic construction of a snowboard is very similar to that of skis. A core, usually made of wood, is shaped to create a profile that gives the board it's shape, stiffness and camber. The core is coated in fiberglass to add torsional flex and more stiffness. The outer layer is made of porous polyethylene for the base and top sheet of fiberglass. The outer edge of the snowboard is a metal strip that forms the contact point for the board.

That is a very simplified outline of snowboard construction and as snowboarding has evolved as a sport the methods and materials used and design of snowboards have changed too. Now there is a huge amount of choice on offer when it comes to buying or renting a snowboard from short, soft, detuned street rail boards to split boards for touring.

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