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Skis & Equipment for Alpe d'Huez
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About Your New Skis

Selecting the Perfect Ski for You

So, you've bought/begged/borrowed the skis, but you've no idea how they're going to propel you down the slopes?! From Telemarks to Race Skis, from Freestyle to Twin Tips skis, choosing a new pair of skis from the plethora of those available is today a very difficult and complex task.

Over the past 60 years or so, skiing equipment has moved on leaps and bounds. In the 1930s, alpine skiing made the transition from an exotic, leisure pursuit for only the selected few, to a worldwide participant sport. At that time skis consisted of shaped, long wooden 'planks' with ‘bear trap’ bindings however today you’re more likely to see such skis as antiques that are hung as decoration pieces within ‘traditional style’ marketed chalets adding that bit of rustic charm to your holiday!

Along with the 1960s came fibreglass and it was at that point that the traditional ski began to change. The 1980s were dominated by the infamous 'pencil skis' that were accompanied by the good old rear entry boots and one-piece suits with which designers creatively brought bright colour to the ski slopes. The more fluorescent the better! Whilst you may still see the occasional fluorescent number and pair of pencil skis on the slopes (or at a baste taste themed evening in town), those who continue to persevere with them should know that today, this rather dated equipment is playing havoc with your skiing potential.

The 1990s saw the introduction of carving skis which opened up the market for ski design all based on a similar carving system. In the current market, the right pair of skis should almost feel like an extension to your boots and should suit your style, ability, weight and skiing aggressiveness. The ‘wrong’ pair of skis can result in your legs becoming wholly uncooperative machines that have the potential to cause serious injury!