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Ski & Board Maintenance in Alpe d'Huez
Looking After Equipment

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Servicing Your Skis & Snowboards

Look After Your Skis & They'll Look After You

Although most people will only have used their skis or snowboard for 6 days during their holiday, it is surprising how quickly the bases can deteriorate. A good service can make the difference between a good and bad day’s skiing, and a good edge can make a world of difference where icy conditions are the day’s offering.

Any damage should be immediately repaired before it gets worse. Regular servicing will look after your skis or snowboard and will keep them like new for longer. New equipment benefits from regular waxing to build up a good strong base. Additionally, regular waxing will help prevent water from getting into the core. You will notice a marked improvement in your turns, speed and control if your edges are sharp, and your base structured and waxed. New snowboards will need de-tuning, which will help you avoid catching an edge – a local shop can help you out with this.

After each ski holiday it is recommended that skis and boards are serviced with a thick coat of storage wax to prevent your skis or boards drying out. This needs to be removed before using the equipment on the next ski holiday. If you forget, don’t worry, your skis may feel a little sticky for the first few runs, but it will eventually come off during the day. Although you can maintain your skis at home, this requires skill and “know-how”, along with a lot of equipment and takes practise to get it right. The simplest and easiest way to maintain your skis is to take them to a good shop. There are ski shops in the UK that will do that for you before your holiday, but if you forget or run out of time before you leave many of the local ski rental shops in resort will be able to do an overnight service. They will also give you professional advice on what needs to be done.

You can find details of all shops that provide this service on our Ski Hire/Sports Shops listings page. Top Tip: If servicing your skis/snowboard at home - don’t use the regular family iron to melt the wax, you’ll NOT be popular; buy a separate non steam iron!!