Beginner Ski Areas in Alpe d'Huez
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About Beginner Ski Areas in Alpe d'Huez

Gentle Greens Right from the Centre of Alpe d'Huez & Auris

Alpe d'huez in an excellent place for beginner skiers with the large area known as Les Bergers, a great spot due to the number of gently rolling green runs that lead back to resort. This area is a low-speed zone to allow beginners space to improve.

From here you also have direct access to the higher slopes of the area via the three stages of the Marmotte Bubble or by taking the Fontbelle chair or Les Romains high speed chair and redirecting your self by line of sight or following the well signposted routes across to the base of the DMC.

At the top of the first stage of the Marmotte bubble is the aptly named Marmotte restaurant from where you have many options, both red and blue, that all wander back down to Les Bergers.  Should you find yourself here by mistake, don’t worry, returning to Alpe is easy either by the Rif Nel drag, free local bus or simply walking. You can also retake the Fontbelle chair, the Marmotte bubble or Les Romains high speed chair and follow the signs.

Petit Rif Nel, Ecoles 2 drag lifts and the Grenouilles rope tow are free of charge, but a free pass must be obtained from the SATA desks. You can also buy a "First Ski" which allows you on all drag and chair lifts in Alpe d'Huez except the Alpauris and Marmottes 1 chairs.

Over in Auris en Oisans & Vaujany, beginners skiers are spolit for choice with a number green pistes from the centre of the resorts, with access to lots of drag lifts. There are also 7 runs available in Villard Reculas.

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