Alpe d'Huez - Les Deux Alpes Liaison Project Advances

New grant for Oisan Express liaison research

During a local council meeting last week, officials have unanimously adopted an agreement of the linking of the five municipalities of Le Freney, Auris, Mont-de-Lans, Venosc & Huez. With this agreement the Alpe d'Huez - Les Deux Alpes liaison is to be brought back under the spotlight.

One million Euros for Alpe d'Huez and Les Deux Alpes liasion R&D

The five Oisan municipalities have agreed to donate a maximum of 20,000 Euros each towards the research and developement of the liasoon project. The studies in snow cover, feasibility and technical requirements are to commence in June 2012.
The cross-valley project between the two Oisans ski resorts of Alpe d'Huez and Les Deux Alpes is by no means a new project, the project was originally discussed back in 2004. The project has been to'ing-and-fro'ing ever since - back in 2006 the project was rejected during a council meeting yet in 2009 news sources claimed the project would be open in 2012.

For further information on the liaison, dubbed the Oisans Express, Pistehors have covered the project in detail.

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